Ask Sprout: What is a plant subscription box?
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I know nothing! What is a plant subscription box?

Simply, a plant subscription box is a service by Sprout where you get a different plant delivered through the post straight to your door each month for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. 

What is in the subscription box?

A houseplant,  care instructions and some recyclable packaging.

Is postage included?


When are plant subscriptions posted?

Plant subscriptions are posted out during the FIRST WEEK of every month. This means if you buy on February 12th, you'll receive your first plant during the first week of March.

Can I pause my subscription at any time?

Yes! Please get in touch with us to arrange pausing your plant subscription.

What if I move house?

No problem, just let us know with plenty of lead time and we'll change your address.

Can I choose my plants?

Unfortunately, no. Due to demand, we order our subscription plants weeks ahead.

What kind of plants are included in the subscription.

We try to keep it interesting so we choose a wide variety of plants. Previous plants have included: peace lily, earth star, fittonia, begonia, parlour palm, boston fern and string of hearts.

Anything else I should know?

Plants don't like being cooped up in the postal depot, so please leave instructions for your friendly postman to leave with a neighbour, consierge or a nominated safe place.

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Begonia Tamaya Now Available To Buy!

We here at Sprout are pretty pleased to have found some rare Begonia Tamaya to offer for sale! Beautiful, tall and elegant, this plant makes a statement! Atop a long and slender stem, sits a crown of polka dotted leaves. Throughout the year the plant blooms with the most gorgeous and delicate pink flowers! 

Begonia Tamaya is available to purchase here!

Unfortunately, due to the delicate nature of this plant, we are unable to send it via post. It is available for collection in East London. Local delivery throughout London may be available on request.   

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Monstera Obliqua now available for sale!

The hard to come by Monstera Obliqua is now available in limited numbers. Fast becoming the new IT PLANT, the Monstera Obliqua cuts a striking image with it's interesting oval-shaped holes. You can grow the Monstera Obliqua as a hanging plant (my fave!) or train it to grow up a moss pole. Grows in similar conditions to its cousin, the Monstera Deliciosa, and will reward you with fast growing foliage.

Available in our online shop here.

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Today, we're taking an in-depth look at the mini version of the plant du jour - the Ficus Lyrata / Fiddle Leaf Fig. 

The Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig tops out at a height of 50cm compared to its full size counterpart which can reach nearly 15 metres outdoors!

Figgy Smalls is ideal for space conscious plant lovers who love the Fiddle's iconic foliage and shape but lack the room for a taller specimen.

Care is easy for this baby, regular watering and a nice, bright spot in your home. You'll be rewarded with lots of glossy new foliage.

The Ficus Lyrata Bambino / Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig / Figgy Smalls is available to buy in limited quantities from our shop!

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I'm fortunate enough to know many talented people in London, one of whom being my mate Von Leadfoot. VLF is a traditional signwriter from the USA living and working in London. He kindly painted me this sign for my studio. I haven't stopped looking at it since I took delivery, the attention to detail is incredible. The pride that Von Leadfoot puts into is work is just astounding.

I have big plans for this wee sign, it shall hang in my brick and mortar this space! 

If you need traditional signwriting for your store or business, or even pinstriping/painting on you motorcycle, truck or car get in touch with Von Leadfoot here or check out his instagram.

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We are very happy to announce our collaboration with the rad dudes over at Dark Arts Coffee. For December only, you'll be able to purchase a COFFEE AND PLANT SUBSCRIPTION! Each month beginning January, you'll receive a plant from Sprout and a 250g bag of coffee from Dark Arts. 

This collaboration is only for the Christmas period so be sure to get in quick! You can pick up the COFFEE AND PLANT SUBSCRIPTION BOX from our online shop.


Making this track by Stormzy my track of the week simply because of the line "I take care when I water my plants". Have a good weekend!

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