My plant's leaves are crisping up and browning. Help!

Your plant is suppering from underwatering and low humidity. Aim to water once per week and mist with water daily. Be careful not to overwater!

The leaves on my plant are starting to turn yellow.  

Firstly, it is normal for older leaves on plants to turn yellow and eventually drop off. This is so they can put energy into growing new foliage! You can remove them if you find them unsightly. Next, ensure you are not under or overwatering. Lastly, be sure that your plant is away from direct sunlight as this will scorch your green friend!

My plant is lopsided, and my cactus is growing really thin!

Move your plant to a sunnier position, as it is reaching for the sun! Rotate your pot every once and a while to ensure even growth. Your cactus is also looking for the sun, place in a spot that gets direct sunlight.  

My plant has white fluff all over it.

Sounds like you have mealy bug. Mealy bug looks like white cotton and is usually concentrated at the axis where your leaf meets your stem. Wash all visible bugs off and treat with neem oil. Keep isolated from your other plants until it is better.

My plant is slimy at the base and smells bad.

Sounds like root rot and it is caused by overwatering. Inspect the roots and trim away any brown slimy ones. Water and monitor carefully but be prepared to for the worst.


My plant’s foliage is dusty and dirty

Give it a clean! Group your plants in the bath for a monthly shower, or use a damp clothe to wipe leaves.